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Rethinking claims handling processes in the digital age.

Electronic ticketing paved the way for digitization in the aviation sector. Nowadays, many passengers book their flights via their smartphones, use electronic boarding passes and—quite naturally—communicate online through various channels with the airline.

However, customer experience does not end once the passenger leaves the aircraft. Good communication is especially important if a flight irregularity occurs as passenger satisfaction and experience is not only based on perception but largely on emotions.

Complaint handling em-bodies the acid test of an airline‘s customer orientation and is the critical stage to regain customer loyalty.

Moreover, new age-customers are embracing digital channels and their growing reliance on digital technologies reshapes their expectations when it comes to claims handling. The ongoing drive towards digitization has put the airline industry on the verge of a paradigm shift when it comes to its claims handling processes. Rendering a strong customer service provides therefore a good chance for airlines to distinguish their brands in an extremely competitive market. Intelligent claims management software does not only allow airlines to improve customer satisfaction, but will also reduce an airline’s costs significantly. Through legal tech and automation the claims handling process itself can be managed in a cost-efficient manner, expenditure for external service providers and contact centers can be minimized and unnecessary legal expenses, such as lawyer’s fees, interest and court fees can be avoided. The potential of cost savings is huge. Nevertheless, the claims handling process has often remained in the analogue age. Airlines can now change the game, reduce costs and use the claim experience as a touchpoint and customer loyalty anchor through our platform

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