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Why helps you to step up your game

Reporting tool


  • Offload repetitive tasks to the system, e.g. reject incoming claims for an entire flight automatically, manage automatic payouts, and communicate fully automated with your customers

  • Reduce the lead time to process a claim by up to 90% and handle more claims in a given time period 

  • Manage seasonal challenges and peaks in the claims handling process with ease

  • Enhance service quality by minimizing errors and by ensuring a consistent service delivery

  • Improve agent experience

  • Enhance scalability of human resources

Reduce costs via automation


Increase customer loyalty

  • Enhance customer trust and loyalty with a simple and transparent process (i.e. by making payments in real time) to foster ticket sales

  • Increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly and precisely

  • Minimize the risk of disrupting the digital customer journey and experience of your passengers

  • Integrate the processes seamlessly into your digital customer journey

  • Benefit from zero down-time

Transparency and control via excellent analytics


  • Monitor the internal claims handling process when reviewing the workflow history

  • Establish a reporting system tailor-made to your and your CFO's needs

  • Get deeper insights into your expenditures, create real time reports, monitor spending, and measure risk exposure

  • Identify patterns in complaint behaviors, review your staff‘s workload distribution for headcount planning, and retrieve further valuable data

  • Make use of real time data


Many more benefits

  • Sustainability: helps you to make processes faster and more effective and thus contributes to sustainable work 

  • New business models:
    Counteract claim agencies and establish new commercialisation models (i.e. by partnering with retailers to offer some of the compensation as a voucher)

  • Global reach and scalability:
    Centralize claims handling on a global scale while also taking national legislation/other local factors into account

  • Simple and fast onboarding: 6-12 weeks to integrate into enterprise IT and train claim handlers

  • Compliance: Get & stay GDPR compliant.  Rely on a secure German engineered and hosted platform. Reduce fraud potential and increase claims handling accuracy

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